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DVB Audio Encoders (obsolete)

You/Com provides high quality DVB audio encoder solutions to transmit multiple audio streams with RDS information over cable-, satellite- or terrestrial networks.
Find out more about how to use our MXTS DVB encoder/multiplexer over your contribution or distribution network, based on your choice of connection media.

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ReporterMate (obsolete)

Portable ISDN codec/mixer, incl. MPEG tapeless recorder, with editing facilities. Filetransfer (FTP) over any network.

Set2 (obsolete)

Universal ISDN codec/mixer 20 kHz live reports

D-Mon (obsolete)

The D-MON is a passive ISDN S-interface tester that allows to monitor the EURO-ISDN (E-DSS1) D-channel protocol in both directions. It is a very small box designed for mobile use and powered by rechargable batteries or via an AC mains power adapter.

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PrimaLT (obsolete)

Prima LT is the newest addition to our line of superb digital audio codecs. It is stereo, bi-directional, and comes with MUSICAM- enhanced MPEG Layer 2, MPEG Layer 3 and G.722 algorithms for maximum compatibility. Prima LT accepts one digital interface module for direct connection to ISDN, V.35, X.21 or RS422.

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