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Audio to closed usergroups

You/Com provides a range of solutions for distributing audio to closed-user-groups.
Our goal is to enable closed-user-groups an easy and affordable way to LISTEN to Internet broadcasting without using a PC.
Find out more about how our solutions can help you to broadcast and receive a church service, in-store music, hotel radio, ethnic radio, radio for the blind and visually impaired, school lessons or any other form of audio broadcasting to CUGs. The system allows end-to-end control of the interactive playlist, the content and each individual listening device (player/webbox).

In-Store Music Radio

Would you like to create a certain atmosphere in your shop, restaurant, cafe or business location?

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Ethnic Radio

Ethnic radio is for expatriates who are living in a foreign country and who wish to listen to the radio station of their home town or country. It keeps them informed of local news and events and can even drive away homesickness!

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Church Radio

Church Radio allows shut-ins to listen live to their local church service at home or at any other location.

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Radio for the blind

People with a reading disability or vision impairement are dependent on audible information. For them the contribution and distribution of audio information is essential to be in touch with the outside world.

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Your Own Radio

Have you ever dreamed of having your own radio station? We can help you realize that dream!

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Hotel Radio

Our Hotel Radio System offers your guest an extra service, namely to bring ‘home’ a little closer while travelling.

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