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The MXTS audio encoder system combines MPEG coding, RDS support and multiplexing for audio broadcast over DVB.



The new MXTS multi-channel system greatly simplifies and enhances the distribution of audio programmes over DVB networks. Each system consists of a multiplexer and a variable number of encoders or converters, built into one or more 19-inch sub-rack(s). These encoders/converters are separate interface modules, which can either encode analogue, MPX-based or digital audio, convert MPEG coded audio sent by X.21, E1 or IP, reprocess a DVB encoded service via ASI input, or add a multi-channel signal such as Dolby Digital or DTS into a DVB compliant stream. The MXTS offers specific radio encoding with own clock reference - fully separated from video channels - for easy and trouble free decoding on the receiver side.