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Audio Distribution
Bridge IT

Tieline’s Bridge-IT is the ultimate low-cost, high-performance, stereo IP audio codec solution for broadcast and professional applications. Designed to deliver point-to-point or multi-point connections, Bridge-IT transports audio streams reliably, simply and effectively over a range of IP data networks such as wired and wireless LANs, WANs, the internet, satellite IP, Wi-MAX and Wi-Fi.


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Studio-to-Transmitter Links

You/Com provides flexible STL audio codec solutions to build solid studio-to-transmitter link connections over IP and a variety of other transmission networks such as POTS/PSTN, ISDN, X.21, and 3G/4G. Find out more about the flexible options available.

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Multiple Audio Distribution

You/Com provides a range of solutions for distributing high quality audio throughout broadcast networks.
We also provide high quality DVB audio codec solutions to transmit multiple audio streams with RDS information over cable-, satellite- or terrestrial networks.
Find out more about how to distribute high quality, low delay audio between networks, stations, affiliates or studios - over your choice of connection transport.

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