GSM interface for live reporting using mobile phone to create a 4-wire digital connection over GSM network.

Professional handsfree interface unit for mobile phone.

Although one tries to avoid this, there are situations in which a reporter of necessity has to use his mobile (GSM) telephone for a live broadcast. To improve the sound quality of such live reports the Reporter Interface RS-130 was developed recently.

The Reporter Interface RS-130 serves as the interface between a GSM telephone and reporter equipment as is used standard in radio and TV transmission today. When the reporter equipped with a microphone, a headphone and his mobile telephone is connected to the RS-130 then live reports can be sent to the studio as well as questions, commands or the programme can be received from the studio.

One input is available for a microphone or a line. As transmission medium the normal GSM network is used. This allows a wireless connection to be established in seconds, independent of the reporter's location.


  • sounds louder and clearer
  • input mic/line
  • output 2 headphone/line
  • compatible with all mobile phone models
  • wireless digital 4-wire connection to You/Com StudioSet
  • no cross-talk, less noise

Easy Connection

The Reporter Interface series RS-130 is designed in such a way, that it can easily be connected to a GSM telephone. The GSM telephone is simply connected with a cable to the RS-130. Cables are available for GSM telephones of various types and from different manufacturers. All electrical connections are realised via the connector at the bottom of the mobile phone. During live contributions the RS-130 can be attached to a belt, so that the reporter has his hands free. On the right side of the unit, there are two XLR connectors for connection of microphones or sources with high levels, such as a DAT-recorder or a tape recorder. It is possible to switch between both sources. Headphones or a line adapter can be connected with two combined XLR/jack connectors. The transmission level and the headphones level for cue can be adjusted with the two potentiometers. Both signals can also be mixed and heard on the headphones. The second headphone jack can also be used for other equipment such as a mixer or a PA installation. Line level can be adjusted with a trimmer inside the unit. Power is supplied by a standard 9V battery to be inserted in the bottom of the unit.

The RS-130b version of the Reporter Interface is available with a connector for external power supply with 12 to 24 V DC. When connected to this power supply the battery of the GSM phone is charged at the same time. This connection is realised with a 2,5 mm NV connector.

Technical Specifications

Connectors Inputs 2 XLR-connectors for microphone and line


2 Combi-XLR / jacks 6,3mm Stereo:

  • Line level on the XLR part
  • Headphone connection on the jack
Input level Microphone


-40 to -60 dBu

+6 dBu

Inputs Via transformer, symmetrical and free from earth
Output level Headphones max. +15 dBu in 1 kOhm or +9 dBu in 200 Ohm

Line +6 dBu
Frequency response 250 to 3500 Hz (limited by the telephone filter)
Dimensions 80 x 150 x 45 mm ( B x T x H ) without connectors
Weight approx. 500g (without mobile phone)
Power consumption approx. 20 mA

Recommended microphones All dynamical microphones with an impedance of 200 Ohm
Recommended headphones All types with an impedance between 60 and 2000 Ohm