About You/Com

You/Com Telecommunicatie BV was founded in 1990 in the Netherlands by three partners, who have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of telecoms and datacoms.


You/Com is a trading company supplying innovative data-and telecoms solutions.
Based on leading-edge technology implemented in products for voice-, audio- and datacommunication You/Com made a name for itself as supplier of innovative solutions. Today You/Com is also manufacturer of hifi audio-communication equipment.

Digital Revolution

As You/Com's core knowledge and core business is telecommunications, it was inevitable that the company would ride the wave of the digital revolution. The world wide migration from analogue to digital technology, the interfacing between the old and the new is precisely the field in which You/Com has always felt comfortable and in which it has been successful.

Digital Audio Communication for Broadcasters

During the course of time You/Com's focus has moved from internetworking and subscriber connectivity to Digital Audio Communication. Nowadays You/Com focusses on the broadcasting market specifically in the field of contribution and distribution. In the transition period from analogue to digital You/Com helped many a broadcaster to take the first steps into the digital domain by deploying the first audio codecs over ISDN.

Besides being a trading company You/Com Audio has also developed audio communication products such as the ReporterSet (portable ISDN codec/mixer for live contributions), the StudioSet (ISDN telephone hybrid for talk radio and 4 wire unit for communication purposes), the ReporterMate (portable ISDN codec for live and file contributions). The most recent development in audio communication devices for live reports and file transfer is the nifty PARROT, which uses the GSM network.

Since 2000 You/Com is Tieline Technolgy's European partner representing their broadcast and surveillance solutions, particularly in the Benelux and Germany. Tieline's solutions for news gathering and audio distribution is based on leading edge technology and their strategic in-house development, A joint development with Headroom Systems (Berlin, Germany) resulted in the MXTS, an innovative multi-channel DVB audio codec solution, that has found its way into the European market.

The latest in-house development is an IP-based device (webbox) for closed-user-groups applications such as church radio, ethnic radio, hotel radio, radio for the blind, in store radio.

In short:

Our Mission is:

To supply innovative and efficient solutions to broadcasters for

  • Studio-to transmitter links (STLs)
  • Remote broadcasting and news gathering
  • Audio distribution systems

Our Strategy is:

To be a leading supplier of audiocommunication solutions to the broadcast industry.

Our Success is:

Thanks to our good name in the broadcast industry. Our broadcast products are based on a high level of know-how in the Tele- and audiocommuncations and Internet(working) fields.

You/Com is a small, but solid company with dedicated staff. Dedicated to serve our customers in the broadcast industry.

You/Com first in communication.

Communication for you, you and you!